Lumen-Arrow Flat Crossbow Bolts (20")

HD Orange

Burt Coyote Lumen-Arrow 100% Carbon Bolts -- Lumenok Equipped

20" Bolts with Flat style bolt ends - 3 pack.


Complete Lumenok equipped bolts, ready to shoot, just add a point or broadhead. Bolt is assembled with a genuine Lumenok Flat bolt end.  Bolts are 20" long with three 3.5" long Bohning X Vanes.  Three pack of bolts.  These bolts are .300" on the ID and come equipped with the Lumenok bolt ends GTF (Flat).  Bolt weighs 338 grains w/o a point.

 We use a 92 grain brass insert for improved FOC (19% with a 100 grain point).