FAQ - Lumenok



The Lumenok is made to fit into Standard ICS arrows including most popular sizes of carbon arrows and aluminum arrows that accept Easton Super-uni nocks, Bohning signature nocks, Carbon Express TCX nocks, PSE Super Carbon nocks, Gold tip nocks, and others. We also make the Lumenok-X to fit in arrows that accept H-I-T components and the Lumenok-H to fit Easton’s Epic and Excel shafts. Use our NOCK SELECTOR to find which nocks fit your arrow shafts

Just remove the original nocks from your arrows and insert the Lumenok. When the nock is fully seated against the electrically conductive end of the carbon or aluminum arrow shaft, the Lumenok lights. Wiggling the nock back and forth in the shaft breaks electrical contact between the arrow shaft and the Lumenok, causing the light to go off. At this point the archer can put the Lumenok equipped arrow in his quiver and forget about it. It will automatically be activated upon release of the arrow when shot, allowing the archer to more easily follow the flight of his arrow. The Lumenok will remain lit for up to 40 hours or until retrieved and is turned off by wiggling it back and forth.

Proper operation of the Lumenok requires the end of both carbon and aluminum shafts be clean and free of non conductive materials. Resins and glues from the manufacturing processes of some carbon shafts require that the shaft be prepared prior to Lumenok use. Rotate the end of the shaft against a piece of emery cloth or sandpaper until a black residue is evident.

Swaged aluminum shafts may have anodized coatings on the nock end that can be removed in the same manner. Carbon shafts that use an Aluminum collar on the nock end require that the color be removed from that collar prior to use.
Arrows must be square on the nock end to allow both contacts to touch the shaft.  100% carbon arrows are the best for use with Lumenoks. Carbon composite or carbon wrapped shafts contain some percentage of fiberglass which acts as an insulator and inhibits conductivity at the end of the shaft. These shafts provide marginal conductivity and Lumenoks may not work in them.

The Lumenok can be tested outside the arrow. The Lumenok Signature, Lumenok H and Lumenok-GT have 2 metal contacts at the point where the nock shank and body meet. These contacts are arranged opposite one another and by touching them simultaneously with a paper clip or other conductive material you can perform a test. When the contacts are connected via any conductor the Lumenok should light.   The Lumenok –X  has 1 contact at the shoulder of the nock. The other contact is the outside shell of the battery. Use a conductive material to touch the battery and the contact at the same time to perform the test.
If your Lumenoks test OK then look to the arrow for a problem as described above.


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