Lumen-Arrow Capture Crossbow Bolts (22") - Lumenok

Lumen-Arrow Capture Crossbow Bolts (22")

HD Orange

Burt Coyote Lumen-Arrow 100% Carbon Bolts -- Lumenok CAP Equipped

22" Bolts with Capture style bolt ends -- 3 pack.

Weight -- 335 grains without user supplied point.  We use a 92 grain Brass insert for improved FOC.

Complete Lumenok equipped bolts, ready to shoot, just add a point or broadhead.  Bolt is assembled with a genuine Parker Capture Lumenok.  Bolts are 22" long with three 2"  Bohning Blazer vanes.  These bolts are .300" on the ID.  Each is equipped with a Lumenok CAP.  Use Lumenok RBS replacemant battery.