Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts - Lumenok

Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts

We do not make Lumenoks for CE bolts and it is because of their construction.

 Please Order 20” Crescent Lumen-Arrow Bolts Here

All bolts from Carbon Express are made of fiberglass. It doesn’t matter if they are Maxima Red, Blue, X-bolts, Mayhem or Pile Drivers. They are all .284” on the ID and constructed the same way.

Your Carbon Express crossbow bolts are made primarily of Fiberglass and that is a deal killer for the Lumenok. The arrow needs to be made of an electrically conductive material like Carbon.  We ,therefore, do not make a Lumenok for that bolt. Carbon Express makes a lot of “carbon wraps” which are essentially fiberglass shafts with just the outside layer being carbon. Those don’t work well with Lumenoks. Please see the attached picture to see just how to determine the construction of your arrows.  I used a piece of Emery cloth here to form a shallow cone. I set the end of the shaft over that cone and rotated it to create some dust from the material that the shaft is made of. Carbon always comes off Black. Fiberglass comes off white. Please perform this test and If they are carbon, I will make sure you get some Lumenoks for them.