BNECC -- Lumenok Equipped Genuine Barnett Headhunter Bolts (20")

BNECC -- Lumenok Equipped Genuine Barnett Headhunter Bolts (20")

Lumenok equipped Genuine Barnett Headhunter Bolts are designed to allow crossbow shooters to see bolt flight.

New Lumenok Bolt end (Part No. ECC or GTC, depending on Manufacturer, with an easily replaceable battery [Part No. RBS])!

Easton/Headhunter bolts accept the Lumenok ECC .297" ID (Easton Logo is embedded in the bolt's Headhunter label.)

Bloodsport/Headhunter bolts accept the Lumenok GTC .300" ID (the Label on the bolt has no reference to EASTON.) 

Contains three complete 20" carbon bolt assemblies, each equipped with a Crescent End.

All bolts are precision squared using our F.A.S.T. method to ensure accuracy and Lumenok function.

20" Bolts are equipped with Lumenok bolt end, 3" Bohning X vanes, and weigh 320 grains each, without a point.  (Vane colors may vary from those pictured.)

For use in Barnett crossbows or any make requiring a Crescent or Moon bolt end.