Welcome To The New Lumenok Blog

August 31, 2018 2 min read

Hello everyone! My name is Caroline Pruitt, and I’d like to invite you to journey with me as I write about adventures and the occasional hot topic. I’ve always thought it would be really fun to have a blog, and recently Lumenok asked if I would be willing to share my story and thoughts with you. Of course I accepted; how cool is it to be able to talk to fellow hunters and represent an amazing company?

I should probably tell you a little bit about myself first; due to a shoulder injury, taking time to finish college, and charging out on my own, it’s coming up on four years since I’ve hunted big game. But before my college shenanigans, I was blessed to have many opportunities of a lifetime. There was a time where it wasn’t out of the ordinary for my dad and I to pack up and go hunting in Africa, South America, New Zealand, Spain, and of course North America.

I’m from a small East Texas town called Nacogdoches, where I grew up hunting whitetail, squirrels, and various varmints on my family’s farm. Our first hunt outside of the U.S. was an African safari, which kicked off a rather unexpected goal to pursue the Safari Club International Young Hunter Award. The journey for that included conservation and humanitarian projects, presentations, a few near-death experiences, joys, and struggles. Through the years I have accumulated numerous hunting records, though the conservation aspect of hunting and loving the outdoors has always been more important to me. I started with a rifle, most hunters do, and then worked “backwards” in advancement as I grew more and more attracted to challenging myself, from rifle to muzzleloader to pistol to crossbow to compound bow to longbow. When I started archery hunting in 2008, Lumenok seriously changed the game for me, as I’m sure it has for you, too!  

I’m really looking forward to sharing these blogs, and I hope you’re looking forward to reading them! Until next time, #lightemup.


By Staffer: Caroline Pruit