R300 Crossbow Nock - Match Grade 12 Crossbow Bolts For Ravin Crossbows - Lumenok

BR300 Lumen-Arrow Crossbow Bolts - Match Grade 12 Pack

The Lumenok R300 Lumen-Arrow Bolts Match Grade Pack uses a .300 ID shaft and is equipped with a R300 nock, featuring replaceable batteries. These lighted bolts are designed for Ravin rail-free style crossbows. The unique Snap-Loc technology assures the archer that the bolt is secured on the string, lessening the opportunity of a misfire or malfunction between the bolt and string.  Each bolt weighs 325 grains with no point installed. 


  • 12 Match Grade (+ or - 0.000") Lumen-Arrow Bolts
  • 1 Extinguisher / Arrow Puller

Key Features

  • 20" Lumen-Arrow Bolt ends: 3 Pack
  • Better string fitment better smoother operation
  • Snap-loc technology assures the archer that the bolt is secured
  • 92-grain brass insert for true weight forward performance
  • Durable and meant to be shot many times
  • Fits rail-free style crossbows like Ravin Crossbows
  • Cork battery stop preinstalled on all bolts to prevent battery from becoming dislodged.
  • Match Grade (+ or - 0.000")
  • Fits: R9, R10, R15, R18, R26X and the R29X. Not meant for use in the R500.